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*head goes back and forth between the argument* There's no ASM here - it's all just basic sprite insertion. ' All I did was replace the pictures of the male and female Trainers with two different Pichu sprites, and then put a third Pichu sprite for the Pokemon itself. No ASM, just UNLZ.gba XD

Anyway...I come bearing screenshots and a support userbar (finally!)

Support the game? Here's a userbar for your sigs

Now, unto the screenshots

I've been working mainly on mapping and inserting more sprites as of late, so this latest route has no scripts on it at the moment ' When you first get unto it, you see some green trees, with a few golden interlopers, until it gradually shifts so the golden trees are the dominant species, with some red trees mixed in

Hey, a Beautifly! She will be involved in a script when I get to it - she's looking for her kidnapped Wurmple and will tag along with you (she doesn't battle, but she'll pop up on the overworld and interact with you from time to time until you find her missing caterpillar) as you help her look for it.

Wait! What is this? Can it be're no longer fated to walk everywhere you go? Originally, I was not intending to implement the Running Shoes feature, since there aren't ready made "running Pichu" sprites, and I'm a poor spriter ' But then I realized that it would be annoying, and unrealistic, if you couldn't run. So I tried my best with the sprites and put the feature in They actually look quite nice in motion...
(Don't get your hopes up, though. The Bike feature will NOT be in XD ).
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