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well i know im lucky. as i said before i have a lucky strike these three days.

Im trying for bulba right now and no succes, 7 hours now.

hope you guys are lucky, cause my sis found abra in language class, and i started searching for bulba in biology. Lol as you see rsh5, your not the only class-shiny-hunter,

And ive also realized that we have really become a tight group. OMG xD

Good hunting friends, tomorrow i dont have school so ill be hunting all day

oohh wow you did spell that right!!!

and rsgh5, please dont get angry with retarded people, you know that that scientist is there because of the goverments program for retarded rehabilitation, so that guy could have normal life, he isnt the real scientist, he has only been put there so he can feel important, but what he really is, is the scientists personla secretary!!! lol (no offense to retardeds, cuase i have a retarded cousin and i love him so much)

have fun rsgh5 and dont throw your game away!
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