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    Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
    Greetings everyone. I have come before you today to present you the project I've been working on for the last month. I call it Pokemon Fire Red Hacked (Tentative Title).

    But what is this? Well, this is a small patch that rewrites a part of the main game engine, in order to increase the number of options you have as a ROM hacker. This include several features I've heard people complaining about and requesting, as well as some that just popped in my head.

    This is a work in progress, and I aspire for it to become one day a compiled colection of all that only ASM can make possible without having to know ASM to pull it off. So, please, feel free to suggest new features and present your own if you want. You will be credited for it, of course.

    • Support for over sixty thousand different OWs, as well as access to fourty-six hundred different palettes
    • Hacks preformed in the Battle system allow you to choose options for your hack, including Status-ridden pokemon, Shinies and creation of swarm events
    • Access to GBA Hardware function through new Specials that allow you to create Timed events and Button dependent events
    • All processor math and logic functions available for your variables
    • Dynamic multichoice boxes that can be changed Runtime, making them limitless
    • A fully-fledged pokemon decryption system accessed through variables that allow you to read and edit almost all information encrypted and locked away inside your pokemon.
    • Edited some of the old Specials, allowing for replacing the Old man Pokemon and Ghost Marowak with new pokemon, as well as a new version of the Pokemon Size minigame (the Heracross and Magikarp ones)
    • Edited the Fossil Special (from pewter museum). Now it can hold 256 different 64 by 64 pixel uncompressed images
    • Edit what every Behaviour byte does when you press A in front of it(scripts), allowing for things like headbutt trees
    • Choose where you go when you die, even if it's not a pokecenter.
    Also incuded in the pack is a Instruction booklet explaining the functions and some examples of those functions. Some gameplay mechanics are explained there that doesn't apply only to this hack.

    This Patch should be aplied first, then any other Rom base that you want. It should have no problem working, but I didn't test them all (as long as they didnt write it over the old scripts, is should be fine). This patch is based on the "clean" patch I gave away some time now, so all scripts, people and Signposts are gone.

    First update:
    I corrected all the reported bugs, and they seem to work right now. Also, the Swarm-Roam code and the Wild code are compatible with eachother, and both have been added new features.
    Added Behaviour byte scripts. You can now run scripts such as the defaults for cabinets and bookshelves on all bytes. Not advised to overwrite the water Bytes, but if you really want to, you have that option.
    Created a function that replaces the SethealingPlace determination of your retreat place when you whiteout.
    Hey, friend. Would you hack a EMERALD ROM too?

    If u think, isn't a bad idea.!
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