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    i don't get caught either. one time i almost did... it was so scary. i was sitting in bed in the middle of the night playing pokemon on my onix sp. it was hot that night, so my fan was on and i couldn't really hear anything. my mom always pesters me to leave my door open when it's hot, but for obvious reasons, i don't let her. what i failed to realize, is that she comes and opens my door so i don't get too hot. so, there i am, with my sp lighting up my face (the foot of my bed faces the door) so, when i sit, i'm looking right at the door to my room, and my mom comes and opens my door. as soon as i hear the door i turn off my light, but i can't risk moving, because then she'll notice me for sure. as it turns out, she didn't see my light, so i got off. my heart rate was so fast then... i caught a shiny gastly about 20 minutes later.
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