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    lol, never happened that to me, cause if my mom opens my door i kill her (at night) when im supposed to be doing homework she just comes in and asks how am i doin and looks arround as if she was looking for somethin

    she almost caught me a lot of times. today i tried to connectm two gbas with my FR/LG so i could see my union room caracters and play arround cause i never had anyone to connect with (yay im my only living friend!!! lol-- im a bugcatcher in FR and was a juggler in LG) so i had little space to hide the gbas and my mom came in , so i had to hide on of them in my pants! (the normal one)

    some other times she almost cached me too. but once she did and she told me to give her the GBC (gold, silver age) and i had two shoot.

    oh and im still tring with bulba, if i stay over night i probably will get it by tomorrow.
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