Thread: Development: Pokémon Fire Red Hacked Engine
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    I'm not sure if anyone has been having this problem but...
    I applied this patch to a clean ROM and started hacking some things to test it, when scripts were implemented I started up the game. I Talked with Prof. Oak, chose to be a male, and then the screen went black when it should go to the naming part.
    I first thought that I had an unclean ROM so I tried the ROM without patching it. The naming worked... So I think that because this ASM routine cleans out all the scripts, it also cleans out the naming script, which means that any naming things that happen in game(naming pokemon, yourself, and whatnot) will basically freeze the game in a black screen. If you could fix this, please do. If I'm doing something wrong and really stupid please tell me

    Thank you The Blueprint !!!
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