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Originally Posted by Kysen View Post
I have always loved Digimon this sounds awsome
lol We love it to, and thank you very much

Originally Posted by monkeyboi View Post
well its disappointing that you have a virus but it is great that you recently backed up the files.

lol Yeah I'm happy about it too, really happy. My comps completely fixed now though and I've got a great Anti-Virus this time to keep it safe.

Originally Posted by ~DarkAchu~ View Post
A virus you say :OOO, Well it is great you backed it up, Most people forget to do such things, So i just cannot wait for the next update, Keep it the good work, and luck
lol Yeah and Thanks alot, comps completely fixed so I'll resume work as soon as I'm done with Carbon's Update...Well I actually have resumed work a bit as well as the rest of the team lol.

Originally Posted by Masterge77 View Post
It looks like Megaman EXE mixed with Digimon world DS, I LOVE IT
Ha ha Yeah it is. If you're looking at the screens on the first page they're pretty old, I've made updates with new ones but I haven't updated tne 1st page with it yet, sorry about that.

Originally Posted by xPunk2much View Post
I just cant wait for this game , looking forward to it
Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it.

Well to say the least, the whole team has started work on the game again a little bit and we do have some stuff I'd like to show you but I'm going to talk with the rest of the team first to see where they stand with it all. You wouldn't even believe some of the stuff that has been made was made by fans 0_o

Thank you all for your support everyone.