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    Ok I finished up some more Fakemon. Sheet 3 is now editted/fixed up. Changes to the Pokedex are being done though, so some Fakemon will be either dropped or added from this point on.

    Cherrius and Bloomboom are Grass/Steel. Nothing too different besides the spikes added to the last form.

    The second two will be steel. I have to refigure their names since I don't like the last I made for them. I have also cut it's final form, so it's only a double evolution now.

    Tips and Stalbits are Rock/Ground. Pretty different final Evolution now. Might be given levitate, I'm not sure.

    Oh and other news I decided to do an art trade. Someone wanted me to sprite his fakemon he drew, and in return I hope to get myself a drawing of one of my Fakemon. Here is the Fakemon that a guy by the name of Raelen Solo created and I sprited.

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