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    Hi! My name is The Smell, Elliott in real life. I am 15 years old, and enjoy Tennis, Computers, Pokémon, Guitar Hero and Piano. There are probably more things, but I can't think of any right now. I started at PokéCommunity in around 2004, this account wasn't made until 2006 as you can see. I found out about the Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit a long time ago as well, but went in-active for a long time. This is my first major game that I hope can appeal to an audience of Game Lovers. :) I hope that cleared up anything you may have wanted to ask.

    Pokémon: Nature's Gift is the first RPG Maker XP version of the popular Rescue Rangers (by destinedjagold) play on Mystery Dungeon. The main change that comes with this is that you play as a Pokémon. In this case, you will play as Treecko, a swift grass-type Pokémon. Other Pokémon are sure to join you on your adventure. I hope you enjoy playing this once it has been released!

    Geeko the Treecko found he had a special gift after rescuing a defenseless Wurmple from a local forest. He had the power to create mother nature's objects such as vegetation and land. A suspicious duo of Trapinch were digging in the forest. As they pushed Geeko away, suddenly their work was none. After the PokéWatch, a group that protect the land and Pokémon from harm, heard of Geeko's amazing bravery, they invited him to join their group. As he wanders over the Region of Safara, he will find many amazing things. But not all of them will be good, an evil lurks in the shadows, an evil that hates all things nature and loves all things barren... Will Geeko be able to hold them off to find the source of his powers and unlock their secret? Or will the fearless nature-haters take you down first? It's up to you to control his adventure...

    The ability to play as Geeko the Treecko, a young Pokémon off on an adventure to unlock the secrets of his newly found gift.
    A huge region, Safara, containing many caves, forests and other puzzles to pass through!
    Take on the evil Pokémon group, the Badland Bandits!


    That's the Tree Nest that you live in. :)

    The Nesting Grounds in Leafern.

    The forest south of the Nesting Grounds.

    Yep. He can't move.

    What are those Trapinch up to?

    Geeko worked his magic.

    The current Battle Interface. Obviously needs a revamp or upgrade at least. :P

    Just Sceptile wondering what you are on about. :D


    Just some thinking dialogue.

    You can't go back to Leafern Grounds until you get to the PokéWatcher's camp.

    That's the first route, Ferling Plains!

    Beta 0.1 ends after Ferling Plains.

    The new Pokémon Center. ;)

    Typical Keckleon Mart

    A mysterious Baltoy.

    This should lead to the PokéWatcher's campout... But there's trees in the way!

    Ah! Very nice protection. :P

    Kadabra, the source of the mirage trees.


    Beta 0.1 - No Music

    Poccil - The Pokémon Essentials Starter Kit
    Kyledove - His D/P/Pt. tiles
    destinedjagold - Rescue Rangers (my inspiration)
    The Spriters Resource - Mystery Dungeon sprites
    Chesu - Many inventive ideas :)

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    Thank you all!