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    These are all pics I've done using GIMP, using Lineart from my sketchbook. I'm really wanting to get better at this.
    These are all OC's of mine. First up is, Ami (Pokemon):

    This took about 5 hours to do, but it was fun. also the first background I've done.

    this took like, 7 hours because I had to redo ALL the lineart on the computer. using a mouse nontheless. lol.
    And next is my OC Adria, who I'm using for an original story me and my roommate are working on.

    this was a quick one because I got lucky and my penning was cleaner. took 4 hours.

    the very very very first picture I coloured in GIMP. took me 3 hours. I know its not perfect but I like it for a first time thing.
    thanks for looking :3
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