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    Le gasp!! Activity!! D8

    Originally Posted by Razer302 View Post
    Ah I spelt Eevee wrong ahha. Posted that just before I went to bed. [...]

    Originally Posted by Dragonking_ShinyElite View Post
    Still SRing for Giratina, whenever it shines I'll get back to shiny hatching.
    Good luck on Giratina!! =D

    Originally Posted by Illuminati View Post
    I thought that this club had died, but I guess I wouldn't know much from not being on any Forums over the past few months.

    Congrats on all new shinies, and all the usual crap I say.

    In case I forgot to say it here, I quit shiny hunting for quite some time. I may get HGSS for some shiny hunting, but I'm not so sure if I should. It's not like I've played my DS lately, so... I probably should, though. I barely played on it, and so it's fairly unused, as I got it for Christmas last year and put it down by June. Not much play time in between, either. I've been too crazed on my Xbox. Unfortunately, my Live subscription is about to run out, so perhaps I'll pick up a Pokémon game for a change and try to make something sparkle.
    Its on the thin line between life and death; not dead yet. 8D
    If/When you get back to it, hope you can get something good. ^^

    Originally Posted by DoubleA View Post
    how do i get in i have 30+ shinies

    For the time being, welcome, and enjoy the place as you hunt some more shinies. =D To be admitted, a co-owner (MetalMario, the final active co-owner) will usually be the one to officially admit you.

    The co-owner(s) will ask, if you caught all those Shinies or if you obtained them in a trade. =) Then it's all you from there.

    Still nothing on my part. Haven't touched my Ruby game since I hit 300 soft-resets... DX Been in the Battleground in Platinum this whole time. |D
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