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Originally Posted by Soul.//Silver View Post
Quick question, what is a Level Script and what is it used for? noob question probably, but I hang out more in the Game Developing section.
A level script is a script that activates when the map is loaded. Simply put...

Originally Posted by "Уровень - скрипт" View Post
Thanks a lot!
This tut works for me!

But I have problems with
the "03 On entering map/not on menu close" thing . . .
Er.. What's the problem?

Originally Posted by score_under View Post
Some of the technicalities here are a little off... D:

It does not have to be subtracted by 1. The reason we use 0x0 in the Value box is because the var starts at 0. The Value box dictates which value the var has to be to start the script. After the script, you set it to 1 (or indeed any other value if you choose to), and this means it no longer equals zero, so no longer activates.
Actually, it overwrites a completely separate number with FFFF, one for which there was no input box (as it was thought to be unused). This is not such a mistake in the tutorial, but for future reference it should always be set to zero, not whatever you set the "Value" box to.
1. I didn't know that. I'll add it to the first post
2. Ahh, Okay. I assumed that it overwrote the value box because it worked whenever I changed it back to 0000. But I'll change that too.

But, I have a question for you. Have you found a way to allow more than one level script (type: 02) activate on a map?

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