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Originally Posted by Dew View Post
Thanks for the advice Peeky Chew.
The purple was only because this picture was made in the evening.
The stairs... hm... good point. I'll edit 'em.

And... would you think custom houses would fit better?
Now, about your logo.

I think it's great, but if I were you I would move the letters 'Xenotime' a bit more up and make the animation that shows the black shadow around it also back to normal. Do you understand? (Sorry for bad English, coudn't find any other words to subscribe this.)

Thanks for your advice though.
Custom houses would probably fit a bit better, as those two houses are over used and the other d/p house are designed for that weird 2d/3d in D/P and don't fit as well in 2d. Maybe you should try to make the evening look a little more natural, like real life. After all, the evening isn't usually purple in real life xD

And do you mean just completely remove the anmation?

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