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    Erm.. You haven't told me anything from that, virus.. >.>
    Think for a few more seconds before you post, there are an incredible number of variants in game making and I don't have time to guess what you mean.

    I haven't fixed the vids yet because I've been trying to fix the hp glitch.. Some of the HP bar gfx actually disappear and the status bar seems to mess up the HP's co-ordinates, and I'm still trying to work out where it was displayed and why it was removed.. (This is a default glitch with the starterkit, nothing to do with me.)
    I've updated the 1st post again, I hope I have explained everything the right way..
    Don't even bother watching those vids, the lag is un-bearable. I am going to fix some stuff and then post the lag-free vids..
    I'm very disappointed with the way this has turned out.

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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