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    Originally Posted by Katie Skyye View Post

    I would rather use XSE since everyone says it's better, but I'd be willing to use Pokéscript for the purpose of learning this...

    ...but I am unable to find it. Is it possible to post a link to a download on this forum? If that's not allowed, sorry for asking, but I'm sort of stuck without that program.

    So, I figure it would be easier for you to send a link than to make another tutorial about XSE, so I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

    Also, you sound exactly like a kid in my's very encouraging. ;D
    There is a link in the description of the video of lesson 1 on youtube.
    Originally Posted by RainDogg54 View Post
    Thanks these videos have really have helped me with my hack! But I'm having trouble making a script that gives the player running shoes. Can someone teach me how? I tried giveitem 0x82F 0x01 but I don't think that's how your supposed to do it.. :\ I'm a newbie at scripting obviously
    Oooh, so close. Use setflag 0x82F.
    Originally Posted by SiegHart View Post
    hmm so im watching tutorial five, and i was wondering how i could make an event similar to the oak stopping you when you try to leave town, and then he talks to you... i want to walk out the front door of the house and have a character walk up to you and ask you to help find something, then once u find that item the character walks up to you again and takes the item, and tells you something else...i get all the scripting and movement parts, but how do i make a script activate as soon as i step on a certain tile?
    You would need to use the green "script" boxes in advance map. I'll cover that in the lesson 6 follow up eventually.
    Originally Posted by klofkac View Post
    Hey, lesson 6 is deleted! Why?
    I don't know why it was, but I reuploaded it. I'll fix the link now.
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