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ooc:that was good.

ic:so me a trns were walking in the woods up to viridian city without a word between us until eevee spread out on all fours. i said "whats wrong eevee?" trns takes a look and then look in the direction were eevee was looking. "maybe it seasns a pkmn." trns said. maybe. i command eevee "eevee use tackle" eevee tackle what was in the bushes and it was a pidgey. the pidgey flew up and was diving to attack. i ask trns "do you want this pidgey?"
hey hey hey
GO!!!!!!! CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Classic Charizard!!!

Chained:story of a hero come add a link to the chain (found in th RP section)