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I'm back~
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    General Info

    Hey guys! Ever since my thread was dead, I never gave up on Pokemon Finders! Anyways I have switched to RMXP.


    Team Rocket is back and is badder than ever! Giovanni has sent off his grunts to capture powerful Pokemon, and bring them to him. While himself is trying to catch the all-powerful Mew! Some Pokemon have been reported missing. Professor Oak from Lera Town has been noticing these missing reports growing, and growing. Throughout the whole region, Pokemon are being reported missing. You, a young Pokemon Trainer, are awoken by your mother. Professor Oak has decided to send you to find those Pokemon. Team Rocket get's sneekier, and it is up to you, to find the headquarters and stop Team Rocket. The World lies in your hands. Will you find all of the Pokemon?

    Yes pretty dramatic and yes, it is the same thing. Maybe I will change it and maybe I won't


    Ok, So I have added some features and I plan to add more!

    Variety of Pokemon + multiple fakemon!
    There will be a variety of Pokemon throughout the regions. I have decided to add up some fakemon that I drew during my free time.

    Staff Version of the game
    I am making two seperate versions for my game. A normal version that I will release to everyone. And a Staff Version, mainly for the team members who have contributed to the game. If you just do simple little things, like graphic making, scripting, or spriting, I may consider PMing you the Staff Version.
    The Staff Version will have Check-Point Rewards. Meaning, once you accomplish something hard or something that is a major checkpoint, you will possibly get a Pokemon, some rare candies, something that will reward you and help you with the game.

    There are multiple legendaries in Pokemon Finders. I will name only two: Lugia, and Jirachi. That's it I have said ENOUGH! Haha.

    Find and Catch
    Some of the Pokemon that you find, may have the chance to be yours. Now every single Pokemon in the game that you find, has the 50% chance of being caught. If you don't catch a Pikachu, maybe you'll catch an Absol. Who knows?

    Don't worry those are the only ones that I can think of, there will be more


    The gym is incomplete, I have most of the trainers done but the map isn't done.
    HINT: Those two stone pillars, in the second screenie, will always symbolize a legendary or a major event


    None yet.


    Mapper - None
    Graphic Designer - None
    Scripter - None
    Scripter - None
    Beta Tester - None

    PM me if you would like to be a team member.

    Known Bugs
    ~ The First Rocket event for Pokemon Finders is full of bugs. PM me if you want to help and if you want a Staff Version of the Game.


    I always like putting the progress to show you what I have so far. These percentages are accurate.

    Maps - 4%
    Events - 2%
    Graphics - 16%
    Sprites - 3%


    Alucus of Borg - HGSS Tiles
    Newtiteuf - HGSS Tiles
    Kyledove - General Tiles
    Poccil - Wonderful Starter Kit

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