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    Hello this is my first tutorial, so bear with me. :)

    Tools needed.
    Unlz.gba (duh)

    Steps 1-5 are for total newbies.

    1) First open up Unlz and find the sprite you want.

    2) Then press "Save as". Save it somewhere you'll remember.

    3) Open it in a photo editor (ex. MS Paint).

    3) Edit it or paste another sprite (in the same pallet) onto the image.

    4) Save it and import it to Unlz.

    5) Press "Write to Rom", and press Okay.

    Now the part some of you'll be waiting for. :)

    6) Wait did it say it was to big? Oh that is easy. Remember the number that appears in the error message (ex. 384).

    7) Open up XSE and in the upper right hand corner there will be something that looks like a calculator. Make sure the little circle by/on it is on Hex.

    8) Put that number there. Then press the little circle that says Dec. (for my example it will be 900)

    9) Now remember that number and open FSF.

    10) Press file, open rom, and find where your rom is located on your computer.

    11) Paste the Dec number where it says "needed bytes".

    12) Press "search from beginning of rom" and press search.

    13) Copy the number that appears.

    14) Now pull up unlz again. Import the picture again, but instead of saying okay. First paste the number that appeared in FSF where those random numbers are. (oh and make sure you remove the random numbers EXCEPT FOR THE 2 0s!!!!!!111 I can't stress this enough!)

    15) Now press okay. It will say it repointed something.

    16) Don't freak out when the image isn't there once you close out of Unlz or go to another image. This is normal. Unlz doesn't show repointed images, but it is in your rom. (Might have to ask Hackmew why this is.)

    I'm a supermod of that forum.

    I've left, bye PC.
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