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Originally Posted by PokemonOI View Post
This looks ok. I wanna see more though. More happening in the screens, some custom material and maybe the fakemon sprites or their designs atleast.
I have attempted to create one of the Fakemon. I just need a spriter since I am not great at DP style, and it wouldn't be good-looking having one FRLG style sprite with DP style sprites.

Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post
The new features didn't really hit it with me, the storlyine is ok I guess and the same with the screenshots.
But like the others have said, I need to see more.
What could I do to improve the storyline? Like what's so bad about it?

Originally Posted by Dew View Post
I saw your sig alrfeady with this game.
What's the deal with Silver? The concept looks really nice to me.
But, if I might give you some advice.
Maybe it would look better if you put a shadow beneath the overworld chars.
Just giving some advice

Silver is just a placeholder until I design the real character. Sorry, I forgot to mention that.
And I have attempted to put a shadow underneath the overworlds but I failed. Haha, if you could do it for me that would be great!

Oh, and prepare to be expecting an update in probably a couple of days, who knows. It depends on the responds I get! This is surely going better than my old thread so I hope to keep it like that!
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