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    Originally Posted by Neo-Wolf View Post
    Well, this is a nice idea for a short term project. The good thing is that it has downloads. The bad thing is that that it is just a better FireRed.
    What do you expect, a new region with lame fakemon :/ ? I know this isn't anything big, and it's not supposed to be. I'm just correcting the Pokemon games the way I think they should have been. For FireRed, I'm trying to make it so that Kanto is more consistent with the HG/SS Kanto. For Emerald, I'm trying to make it so that Hoenn actually looks like a tropical region. For HeartGold/Crystal, I'm trying to make it so that Johto Pokemon are actually common and that the levels aren't so low. It's just to make the games more consistent with one another. Why should R/S/E get Kanto Pokemon and their Gen II evolutions while FR/LG doesn't? If R/S/E and FR/LG take place at the same time, they should have made more of an effort to make it look like that. One of the things I've modified in FireRed is the PokeDex, and if you notice all Gen II pre-evolutions and evolutions have been added. On my planned HG hack, the Johto Dex will have a lot less Kanto Pokemon, and it will mainly be Johto-only Pokemon and their Kanto/Hoenn/Sinnoh evolutions (for instance, if Kingdra is in, so is Horsea and Seadra, if Wobbuffet is in, so is Wynaut, if Murkrow is in, so is Honchkrow), and then it will have a few Kanto species that are in every region (like Abra and Magikarp).

    An idea: You could also replace all Pokemon sprites with the ones Wichu posted. That'd be great!
    I'll take a look at them and see...

    EDIT: Um... all the sprites I saw were just either fakemon or animated D/P sprites.
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