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Originally Posted by 06s23 View Post
thanks alot, this is a simple and easy tutorial to follow, thanks
i CAN get my tiles to appear in the certain palette viewer(image 17 in your tutorial,it is where your tile is), but they do not appear in the actual place where you map them, or in the place where you view what tiles you have (in the block editor).
please help, thanks.
PM me about it if you like
What do you mean by they do not appear in the block editor? Oh. That is because you have to make the blocks by using the image in the palette viewer. I mean, your tiles are inserted, but you haven't made the blocks. The blocks are made by the image in the palette. just click on parts of the images to make a block It's not that hard once you insert your tile. if the tile is off centered, open the tileset in paint and move it over a pixel or two. sorry for not responding sooner, I thought this tut was forever lost in the documents & tutorials section XD
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