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    Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
    Well, the reason for my "absence" is really just a lack of anything constructive to say. I really am sad to see this place in its current state; back when I first joined, I definitely preferred this site to Serebii's Shiny Pokemon Club, and somewhere deep down, I still do. I know this isn't competing with Serebii's or anything (since many of the people who are members here are members there as well), but this particular club will always hold a special place in my heart.

    But I have gotten in some Shaymin SRs. I'm currently at 5100. I'm kinda peeved how lots of people are getting their shiny Shaymin without much effort, but, whatever, I guess that's how probability works.
    It's like all the members were swallowed by the Earth or something... O_O
    Still nothing new for me... I might chain something in Platinum, as my Pokedex is completely almost empty; maybe I can get a Shiny Dex entry. 8D

    Ja ne...
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