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    Thanks guys!

    @Ty 101

    Hey, everyone has their opinion. Thanks for the review.


    Well, I will use HG/SS for most minor things, since it is so easy to get them in RPG Maker XP format. For major characters, I will HAVE to use Mystery Dungeon. The problem is, the PMD sprites have a black outline, the HG/SS sprites are shaded D/P/Pt. style. They still mix together pretty well though. Overall, I do like Mystery Dungeon sprites better.


    Thanks! That's the answer I've been waiting for for a while now! Comments like this really encourage me to keep going. Thanks for that. :D I hope that I can keep the storyline interesting, and hopefully throw in a few twists here and there.


    Thank you! By animation, you mean the overworlds? Yes, I am going to work on that too. The problem with the overworlds you posted is that Photobucket re-sized them. And I will use the HG/SS sprites for most minor Pokémon.

    OK, I'll have some sprites of Ferling Grounds soon! I have a decently unique idea for the Pokémon Centers. I used some Shade thing used in Emerald for Slateport City, and they are basically the stalls of the Centers and Marts. Chansey will be waiting there so that she can heal "friends", and the typical Kecleon brothers are always there to help with your item needs.

    A question for you all. Would you prefer to be able to name your character? Or would you rather have him named according to the storyline? And can you suggest any changes to the game dialogue and such so far? Thanks so much!