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    Originally Posted by SiegHart View Post
    hmm i think i know how to do it right but what if i wanted to do more than one script on a person, i dont know what order i would put everything

    like first if you didnt find it already she would tell you where she last saw her pokedoll, then if you found it you give it to her and she says ur grandpa is looking for you, then anytime after that she just says thanks for helping her find the pokedoll... i cant figure out in which order everything would go though =[
    This should do it. Just make sure that grandpa sets flag 0x1201 somewhere in his script or she'll never stop telling you that he's looking for you.
    #org $go
    checkflag 0x1201
    if 0x01 goto $done
    checkflag 0x1200
    if 0x01 goto $gpa
    checkitem 0x50 1
    compare 0x800D 0x0001
    if 1 goto $have
    message $talk
    $talk 1 = I don't know where my DOLL is\hb0
    boxset 6
    #org $have
    message $wow
    $wow 1 = Holy crud you found it?! Thanks!\pBy the way\hb0
    boxset 6
    setflag 0x1200
    goto $gpa
    #org $gpa
    message $g
    $g 1 = Your grandpa is looking for you.
    boxset 6
    #org $done
    message $so
    $so 1 = So what's up?
    boxset 6
    Originally Posted by chrunch View Post
    Thanks, I can finally script now! How do I script pokemon trades ingame?
    I never learned how to do that. What I would do, is use a script that already exists in the game, but go in via hex and just change the pokemon that are being traded, and the text, of course!
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