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Originally Posted by DoubleA View Post
can i join i have 38+ shinies
I already welcomed you... D|
(though not officially as I'm not a co-owner):

Originally Posted by Shadow Chaos View Post
For the time being, welcome, and enjoy the place as you hunt some more shinies. =D To be admitted, a co-owner (MetalMario, the final active co-owner) will usually be the one to officially admit you.

The co-owner(s) will ask, if you caught all those Shinies or if you obtained them in a trade. =) Then it's all you from there.

Still nothing on my part. Haven't touched my Ruby game since I hit 300 soft-resets... DX Been in the Battleground in Platinum this whole time. |D

Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
Will this post breathe life back into the club?

Eh, probably not.

But I shall post anyways (a copy+paste from Serebii, no less)!
I remember the days when I couldn't keep up with the posts... D|

Success!! \o/
Congratulations on the Shaymin. 8D
It's teh adorableness. <3
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