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    Originally Posted by Oxnite View Post
    Sorry if I'm not able to put questions here.. But I really want an answer.

    I know we can edit the Trainers' Pokémon in HG / SS already, but how good? Here are my questions:

    1) Are we already able to edit the Trainers' Pokémon in HG / SS as good as in DPP?

    2) If I'm going to edit the Trainers' Pokémon in HG / SS now, can I use the edited .narc file for the English HG / SS Roms (when they are released)? Or do I have to edit every Trainers' Pokémon again then?

    3) (Only answer this question when you've answered YES to question 1) I was trying to edit the Trainers' Pokémon, but it looked much more messed up, with every Trainers' SECOND Pokémon being at level 1 or something. Eh, it just looked messed up. Or was I doing something wrong?

    I think I have the general format of the HGSS trainers. It is indeed different from the trainers of DPPt (So it won't work on DPPt Tools). And you should be able to use the same narc for the english granted that they don't insert trainers (that would cause all the trainers to be one later, messing everything up).

    Originally Posted by Deviation View Post

    Fine, bye.

    A map editor, even though it is in high demand, will be incredibly hard to make, as everything near enough uses 3D polygons, and that is shown playing through the games. True that this could possibly be manipulated and able to place if a tool was created, but for Tiles, it would make them even harder to do. And to make good maps, you may need new tiles.
    Tiling isn't going to be remotely possible in the HGSS maps. What may happen is dragging pre-made polygons somehow, but all this stuff is still in the works of those whose computers hate them...
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