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well, first of all, hi to the new members

and ryan, i udnerstand you, my gba and me are one. lol
well ive got no luck on hatching a shiny torchic but imstill tryin good luck on the clefairy.

Tyranitar dude. i love what you of my shiny charizard(yes its charizard now) in your sig lol, cool.

I think my luck streak is over, but i counted something like 220 hours of hunting now, so i think that if i keep up ill get my shiny torchic. woot

So pazzcat if you leave i kill my self. plz dont leave, stay and take care of us since your the only woman leader here! (us men dont know what we do sometimes) --->no offence to men. lol

ryan your page is cool, buit please make the video hyperlinks work!!! want to see those!

and about the banner contest, go ahead ryan do one yourself then we will vote to chose the one we like best and that will be the one in our sig.

and sorry for not posting oftenly (yesterday i was connected all day) but till friday and saurday night i wont be able to be here often.
~>{*Shiny hunters Club*}<~

Full credits to MetalMario for the card and for the banner!
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