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    Still looking for clefairy... From what I hear, shinys must be rarer than 1/1895, because everyone has a hard time finding them.

    When I posted the banner, I mainly was asking for improvements. To me it doesn't quite look done, but I wasn't sure what to put on it, so I thought some of you might have some ideas.

    I have been updating the shiny dex, but if anyone notices something that I missed, make sure to tell me. If Aaryn could post a members list, I could go through everyone's sig, and update the dex from that. Only shinys from the Ru/Sa/FR/LG/Colo/E/Box games count in our club, right?

    I added the Jhoto pokemon to the dex a while back... should I go ahed and add the hoenn pokemon? Or wait untill we are further along with the dex as it is.

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