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    Pokémon Titanium Wasteland


    The Air-Post delivery company is going strong, they’ve made connections all over the world and the company is continuously growing in size and the owner behind this ever-growing company is your Father.

    In time you begin to work for your father as a delivery boy/girl; thousands of packages have been delivered by your hand until one package. You’re instructed to assist Louis [A great friend and pilot] in delivering an ancient mystical piece of Titanium to a science lab in Edialeda for Pokémon Research.


    Something goes terribly wrong, you never reach Edialeda,

    The plane is struck down when a surprise thunder-storm appears..
    But what happens next? ;o


    • Maps
    o Massive Maps!
    o More Realistic than most games!
    o Thousands of places to explore!
    • Gyms
    o New Gym system!
    o Only 5 Gym Leaders!
    o Badges won’t be given out as easy as they have been.
    • Pokémon
    o Over 100+ New Pokémon!
    o New Starter Pokémon!


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