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    Sorry for triple posting, but even if these hacks don't get much attention, I'm still going to post about what I've modified so far . If it isn't obvious, my main priority at the moment is the FireRed hack, since it's the hack that needs the most editing. Anyways, here are new maps that I've completed:
    Cerulean City
    Lavender Town
    Vermilion City (revised)
    Route 3 (revised)
    Route 4
    Route 5
    Route 6
    Route 9
    Route 10

    Yes, all of western Kanto and most of northern Kanto is complete. Also I've made these changes in-game:
    *The Day-Care center on Route 5 can now hold 2 Pokemon, and you can breed there
    *The Day-Care center on Four Island has been removed due to the new addition to Route 5
    *The music that plays when you reach the S. S. Anne has been changed to the music that plays in the Slateport Museum in R/S/E. I changed it because the R/S/E version is much better, and it's in the same key as the Vermilion City music. I actually had to hex-edit the track information when I was importing because FR/LG uses different instruments than R/S/E.
    *The Sevii Islands will not use the new Kanto trees, they will look exactly the same as they did in FR/LG to differentiate it from Kanto. Though I'm considering adding snow to Four Island because it might look cool...

    Planned changes:
    *As I mentioned above, adding a winter theme to Four Island
    *The ability to re-battle Gym Leaders. I'll convert the lone house on Seven Island into a place where you could rebattle Gym Leaders with stronger teams. Giovanni will not be able to be re-battled on Seven Island for obvious reasons.
    *A second rival. This will be equal to the role of Dawn/Lucas in D/P/Pt. This "new" rival isn't really new, because if you choose the male player, the second rival will be the female player and vice versa. He/She will take the last starter Pokemon (for instance, if you chose Charmander, than your rival will choose Squirtle, and your second rival will choose Bulbasaur). Don't worry, there's PLENTY of un-used Trainer Data that I could fill up for this.
    *I might add a few trainers here and there just for the heck of it
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