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Originally Posted by Notch-Eared Pichu View Post
Well, this looks interesting =) I look forward to seeing the progress on these hacks. Two questions though:

-Are any aspects of the plots going to be changed or improved on?

-What role will the Second Rival play? Will they be like Dawn/Lucas from D/P/Pt? Or, will they play a bigger role?
1. The plot will remain the same, though I will be making a few dialogue changes to make more sense. Besides, I'm going to have to do it anyway, since Rocket Admins Athena and Apollo are in this game, and they can't have the same stupid dialogue as the grunts otherwise they'd sound stupid! And Giovanni has to acknowledge the fact that he actually has Admins. Also I might make your rival sound less of a jerk...

2. They will play a slightly bigger role. You get to battle him/her a few times, and he/she will be able to be re-battled on Seven Island due to Giovanni's absence. Like your rival, your second rival will have a team that changes depending on his/her starter. I'm planning on making the player battle him/her first at Cerulean Cape, having Pokemon at Lv17-21. Next would be as soon as you enter Celadon City, having Pokemon at Lv27-32. The next battle would be at the Cinnabar Mansion, having Pokemon at Lv43-48. The final battle would be at Seven Island, replacing Giovanni because the plot makes him un-able to appear.
Ah... I really like this idea. I know this is pointless to say, but it'd be cool if it actually followed the Manga (PokeSpecial, coz it's brilliant). But I get what you're actually doing, and that's cool too.
I don't really know the story of the PokeSpecial Manga...but I'll say this:
There will only be 3 main characters (the FR/LG boy, the FR/LG girl, and the FR/LG rival). Team Rocket will have absolutely nothing to do with the legendaries.

Also here's a change that I might make that not everybody would be happy with: replace the majority of the Johto Pokemon in the Sevii Islands with Hoenn Pokemon. Why might I do this? Because since Gen IV takes place 3 years after Gen III, I think it would be logical to make Johto Pokemon seem "new" in the Gen IV games. If they're shoved into FR/LG, then they will be kinda boring in HG/SS... but don't worry, if I decide to do that, I'll keep a few Johto Pokemon that are necessary, such as Houndoom and Tyranitar (Houndoom is needed because it joins Apollo's team when you face him on Five Island, and Tyranitar is needed because your rival gains one when you face the Elite Four a second time). Alternatively I might just add Hoenn Pokemon alongside Johto Pokemon in the Sevii Islands (I've already updated all the trainers in the entire game, and the Sevii Trainers so far use a mix of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Pokemon).

By the way, has anyone tried the hacks yet? I would like to know how well the new level curve works out in FireRed, and I would also like to know if the Gym Leaders new teams are too hard/easy, and if the Team Rocket admins are too hard/easy.
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