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Originally Posted by AztecFire View Post
I don't really know the story of the PokeSpecial Manga...but I'll say this:
There will only be 3 main characters (the FR/LG boy, the FR/LG girl, and the FR/LG rival). Team Rocket will have absolutely nothing to do with the legendaries.
Lol, I don't know too much either, but what I do know seems good, anyways.
I haven't gotten to play them yet, no- but it's 5 to 2 in the morning now, and I'm not even on my computer (mobile internet ftw). I'll try them tomorrow, I promise :D.
And by having both the FrLg Protagonists along with the Rival, that is actually a bit like the manga, by coincidence. But anyways...
Great idea. Love the new maps, of everything. Hoenn is looking quite smexy, btw.

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