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Originally Posted by HackMew View Post
Why PokeCry wouldn't work with FireRed? The cry format is exactly the same. But yeah... things will be easier with A-Cry.


Ruby US v1.0

Sapphire US v1.0

FireRed US v1.0

LeafGreen US v1.0

Emerald US v1.0
So it works with FireRed as well? I never knew, though I shouldn't never know about that since I only hack Ruby.
A-Cry? So you are making a cry tool? =3

Originally Posted by Bozster View Post
Yay, finally a tutorial! Thanks destinedjagold!
Just to clarify, the Pokemon numbers are their Pokedex numbers(ie. 2 = Ivysaur), right?
Also, at what number do the 'death cries' start?
I forgot where the 'death cries' starts though... :\
Also, yeah, it uses their PokéDex numbers, however, the Hoenn ones, like HackMew said, doesn't follow the numberings anymore.
And as HackMew suggested, you can look at their numbers in HM's XSE's stdpoke.rbh file. Though you should convert it to decimal, k? =3

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