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I already have a thread but I could use a little help.

Plot: Ok, a turn of events. Your not a Pokemon trainer, Coordinator, Breeder, or even a Ranger. Nope, your not a wild Pokemon either. Then what you may ask are you? You my friend, are a starter Pokemon. For once a game seen from the other side from the Pokemon's point of view instead of the trainer's. You may decide if you wish to disobay your trainer. Or decide you don't want to evolve if you have an evolved form. For once this will show what the inside of a PokeBall looks like. Or, you may refuse to go into your PokeBall. The choice is yours in this new game from the trainer's Pokemon's point of view.

But if you do decide to go into your PokeBall, even if your trainer puts you in the PC don't think there will be nothing to do. There is a whole different world inside of the PokeBall. While inside the PokeBall you may find items, battles or just form adventure teams with other Pokemon that your trainer has caught. If you form teams with Pokemon your trainer has caught you can even have a team base. Best of all you will always be the leader of that team. You may name your Team whatever you'd like.

What I need help with is getting all those advanced features into the game. I know it's possible. Pokemon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers was changed a lot kinda like this.

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