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    Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
    Okay, either something is wrong with my Platinum version, or karma is feeling like being nice to me.

    Why do I say that, you ask?

    Well, after only 900 SRs...THIS BEAUTY decided to show its mug. It has a Calm nature, and I'll be checking its IVs shortly. I recorded a video (actually, two) both of which will be uploaded sometime tomorrow.

    More pics: Warning, they are HUGE.

    Goodness gracious, I feel so giddy. :) :) :) Good luck, everyone!
    Magnificent. 8D Congratulations on acquiring the legendary pink rocket Shiny Palkia. XP

    Originally Posted by roacherman View Post
    God let me join this... but how do you people manage to get the whole load of shinies? (btw I may not have any of them anymore due to resetting the game out of boredom)

    Well lets see I have gotten:

    Shiny Sableye (my first shiny and first time I found out about them)
    Shiny Mudkip (coinkidink... but dont have it anymore since I reset my game)
    Shiny Zigzagoon (I was hunting for that particular one out of curiousity for its shiny sprite)
    Shiny Pikachu (found it at the safari zone, dont have it anymore though)
    Shiny Latias (traded it from another game if that counts)
    Shiny Silcoon (found it at the petalburg woods and I evolved it to beautifly, dont have it anymore)

    Eh... other than that I can't remember if I have had anymore shinies.
    Yo. Welcome to the club. =D

    Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
    Maybe not, but hopefully this will:

    8 shinies in 8 days? Even the Pokéradar works more slowly than that.

    The rules require that you list only unique shinies, and no shinies found from trades over the internet. (see below) I also need the complete list, not just a number.

    roacherman: This is good enough--welcome to the club! Trades are only okay if you know the trader personally, can vouch for them that they found it legitimately, and can verify that they aren't keeping any clones. Chained shinies from trades never count.

    8340 Kyogres seen. Hope the RNG isn't sabotaged. This is Sapphire and I walk around & resave every 25 SRs.
    Yo. 8D
    Good luck on that Kyogre.

    Seems like activity may be beginning to pick up, eh?
    This might just motivate me to SR Rayquaza. 8D

    Good luck to you too Draco.
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