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Ask me about Trailblazer :3
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    Hack Name: Pokemon Trailblazer

    Hack of:

    Additional info:
    A Fakemon focused hack. The region (nameless atm) will be based very loosely off the western United States in the late 1800s/early 1900s. It will have an old-timey feel, with cowboys, southern gentlemen, pioneers, voodoo ladies, and... skinwalkers. This is not a steampunk concept.

    There is not much plot, but I have ideas on how the game will begin and many of the challenges the player faces. The game would begin in a camp where the protagonist has been training prior to the game beginning. The night before he/she would receive their first Pokemon, a mysterious something has invaded the campground. The opposite gender trainer rushes in to protect you with their Pokemon, but the mystery beasts runs off before it could be battled. Lacking common sense, the player then begins his/her journey to explore the vast region and possibly solve the mystery of what that strange creature was...

    As someone who has been learning about Pokemon training and wilderness survival for weeks, the player begins with running shoes and a fishing rod already in their inventory, and maybe some other minor items. The game would only have one rod, but the species and levels of fished Pokemon varies by area. There will be slight gameplay changes depending on if you play as the boy or the girl. The starter will be gender specific, but the starter you were not assigned will still be obtainable later in the game. The girl's journey will be relatively tougher, with important, scripted trainers having higher levels, and a sexist male-onle establishment or two. There will even be gender specific gyms (but you can fight in the other gym later on after proving yourself somehow).

    As mentioned before, I have something of a plot idea. There is no team badguy who is trying to control a destructive legendary Pokemon. Any legendary Pokemon would be bonus sidequests, like the birds in RBY. I think that any trainer who is truly "bad" will be random bandits, pirates, escaped convicts, and other child-friendly character types.

    Finished percentage: Like, less than 1%

    Your hacking skills: Making up/spriting Pokemon, coming up with all the info needed for them. Uh, having ideas. Concept sketches.

    What help or skill you're looking for: Script/hex editor, trainer sprites, MAYBE tile editor. I was going to have my boyfriend do the technical things for me but he has more important things to do. I am aware of pallet limitations and a few other basic things when it comes to hack editing.

    Additional contact information: Msn: klashmitAThotmailDOTcom. I could also start an irc room for discussion.

    Additional information: Really, I need atleast one major partner I can count on. Someone I could bounce ideas off of, and if they have scripting/hex skills, that would help greatly. They would most likely be credited as a co-founder.