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    Originally Posted by Novus View Post
    Hey hey peoples,
    I know this isn't really a screenshot but I wanted to get your opinions on it.

    It's New Bark Town from my joint HGSS Tileset project with Alucus and it's the first town I've completed (well very very nearly, just got to change the water) and all tiles used here are either completely custom made by me or edited versions of Kyledove's.

    So I'm proud to present my first completed map in our HGSS project, enjoy and let me know what ya think

    All the tiles here are public, so feel free to use, just as long as you credit Novus and Kyledove and you can find them all here:

    Laters all
    I love the tiles. It looks absolutely perfect, even if you haven't changed the water tiles. I can't even think of anything you can improve on. I can't wait to see more .
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