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An introduction to the ROM Hacking Forum


Welcome, this is a guide compiled by Manipulation, a ROM Hacking moderator. This guide is to hopefully cover useful links around the forum, guiding and helping you to understand and learn ROM Hacking processes. This guide has been compiled to comply with new users, noob friendly per sé.

Rules, and where to find them

Rules are what keeps our forum up and running, all but one of the sub-sections have rules and reading them is a must.

PokéCommunity Global rules –
ROM Hacking forum rules –
Hacks Showcase –
Progressing Hacks –
Toolbox –
Team Discussions –
Documents and tutorials is the exception, it currently has no written rules. This will be fixed in due time, most probably when major problems begin to occur. For now, it’s not active enough to need its own set of rules.

Useful Links

Now, there are a lot of stickied/help threads that can help you out during your tenure in ROM Hacking. They range from the map rating thread, to the help recruitment thread. All useful threads are compiled and listed right here.

Team Help Recruitment -
Map Help Thread -
Quick Storyline Ideas -
Hacking Hall of Fame -
[Important] Read before playing hacks -
Temporary tool resource -
Documents that matter to a hacker -
Tutorial Resources/Guides -
Simple questions thread -
Map Rating/Review Thread -
ROM Hacking Resources -
ROM Hacking Discussions -
Script Help Thread -
ROM Hacking FAQ -

Need any more help?

If you need any more help; just PM a ROM Hacking moderator or correspondent.

Hiroshi Sotomura

Credit to Hiroshi Sotomura, Christos, HackMew, Treecko Lv.100, Pazuzu, Punk Rocker, Blazichu, Thrace, destinedjagold, interdpth, Team Rocket's Raichu, Spherical Ice and Vrai compiled and written by Manipulation.