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Some of you may remember this hack Malin and I were doing almost a year ago. Well it's always help a special place in my heart and I'd really like to bring it back to life.

The game takes place on the island of Ho-oh's Crest. It is a place full of religious lore, intrigue and wealth.

The island was founded many years ago after the great Ecruteak War. Seeking refuge away from the desolated city, many citizens seeked Ho-oh's help. It spoke them and told them to be on a ship in Olivine City in thirty days. There, it would guide them to an isolated island where they could start anew. Excitement overtook the city as many of them prepared for the move.

Eventually they made their way to Olivine and set forth on three ships named after the Majestic Beasts who died in the fire that ended the Ecruteak War. Ho-oh kept away all storms, pirates and overzealous Tentacruel who looked to hinder their voyage. Ho-oh took them past Cianwood and deep into the middle of the ocean. The people grew worried they would never reach land and Ho-oh was punishing them for what they did on the mainland. Their fears were soothed though when he brought them to the most beautiful island they had ever seen.

The walls of the island were high and seemed to be made of marble. It was small enough to not be considered a continent but large enough to build several cities and towns on it. There was a small mountain range to the north, forests, plains and a nice long beach to the west. Ho-oh promised that as long as the people remained peaceful and they did not start another war, it would protect them.

And this one promise was kept for hundreds of years. A church formed in Ho-oh's honor that ensured that everyone on the island followed this promise. At the head of the church was the Acolyte, a descendant of the first woman to hear Ho-oh's call back in Ecruteak. They chose four Apostles to be by their side. And in almost every town, there was a Pastor who watched over them. They were always pious, gentle people who sought to only help, not hurt.

Unfortunately, in the present day, things are not well. The newest Acolyte is unlike any other. He's rude, crass and greedy. The four Apostles he has surrounded himself with are cruel and callous. They've increased the taxes, made the laws more strict and closed off the ports to outsiders.

While the mood of Ho-oh's Crest has been somber as of late, the upcoming ceremony celebrating the trek to the island is coming up. Every ten years all of the residents of the island make way to the capitol city. There, they hold a five day festival in honor of Ho-oh. And on the fifth day, Ho-oh makes its return to the island to grant one wish to the most deserving person on the island. While at first people were worried the Acolyte would cancel the ceremony, he announced it would still take place.

From here, the game begins...

You are a young boy or girl. You have resided on Ho-oh's Crest for all of your life. In fact, your family descends from one of the first families to call the island their home. One night, in your sleep, you hear a strange voice call out to you. Everything around you is black so you cannot see the source of the voice. It tells you that your home is in danger. In fact, the whole island is in danger. The Acolyte is actually an ex-Team Rocket member who manipulated and bribed his way into the position. When Ho-oh arrives, he will capture the magnificent Pokemon and force it to grant its wish. If it refuses, he will kill everyone on the island with strategically placed bombs in the city.

You ask 'why doesn't Ho-oh just stop him?' The voice explains that Arceus has an edict set down upon all Legendary Pokemon: as long as you are under my control, you will not harm a SINGLE human, no matter how evil. So as long as Ho-oh is under this demand, it can do nothing to the Acolyte.

The voice goes on to explain that it has come to you for assistance. You are the chosen one of the island to help protect both Ho-oh and the island. You will be blessed with one sacred Pokemon to accompany you on your journey. Along the way, you will learn why you are the chosen one and why the God would chose a twelve year old for such a large task.

Unfortunately, in order to reach the Acolyte, you must gain the eight Tower Keys from the Pastors of the island.

So the story consists of you going around, training and defeating the Pastors. After doing so, you'll take on the Acolyte and his Apostles in hopes of saving everyone!


  • Three Unique Starters
  • Not a Johto Remake!
  • Move Tutors
  • Honey trees make a ~spectacular~ return!
  • More as I think of them

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