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    You start off in the Sentor Region. Sentor is almost identical to Kanto, minus a few Pokemon from other regions. You've just turned ten (where have I heard THAT before?) and you've always wanted to go on an adventure. After you receive your starter, you go to tell your mom about it and show her the starter you chose. While showing your mom your starter, Team (IDK) attempts to rob your house. Only one of them fights you, and they do so with a level 5 Poochyena. After you beat them they run off and your mom thanks you and heals your pokemon. Then you head to the first route in Sentor after (hometown). The first pokemon you see is ENIGMA (No Battle). A Sentor specific legendary that is one of the two main legends in Midnight Sun. Then Celebi flies up (Other main legend) and attacks it, they both fly off shooting random attacks at each other. You go back to (hometown) and tell the proffessor about it. He looks at your Pokedex and tells you a little about ENIGMAs history. ENIGMA is the chaos pokemon created on accident when a scientist was fiddling with some of Celebis genes he had obtained through luck of meeting it. A machine went haywire and ENIGMA popped out. It destroyed the lab and went in search of its gene-sibling. He tells you that is all he knows about ENIGMA and that you may have to catch it to get data. You go through the normal storyline of most of the games (gym, Team (IDK), gym, major Team (IDK), gym, so on) and then you see ENIGMA again. Then Team (IDK) runs up and tosses a pokeball at it. It simply stands (floats?) there and uses psychic powers to destroy it. Then it unleashes its enigma beam and destroys half of the route your on. You have to take a MAJOR detour and beat the crap out of some more Team (IDK) members. Then you beat the Elite Four and go back home. Your mom tells you that there have been sightings of Team (IDK) around the route where ENIGMA tried to blast you. You go there upon her request and find a bunch of Team (IDK) members passed out all over the place. They're mumbling about, "Evil Island" which is actually ENIGO ISLAND. You go through there, nothing forced on this island. Then you get to ENIGO CAVE. You go through the cave and at the end you see Celebi and Enigma fighting. They stop and Celebi challenges you (Lv. 55), after you hopefully catch it Enigma challenges you (Lv. 60). Then you go about your adventure and try to complete the Pokedex. TADA!!