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    The bad grammar is because i'm italian "
    Anyway, about the story... you must know that i'm not a pokémon-only fan. I know the "pokémon formula" and that's precisely what i want to mess up with.
    As the life is what we know, and as the wars happen, every pokémon game is artificial. Pokémon games are utopias with their peace and badges... as their story is artificial with a young boy who saves the world as "evil teams" are artificial if you think that they try to conquer the world/ gain moneys by battling with pokémon. Also death is an interesting subject.
    That's what i don't want to do in Garnet, because it's a fangame and a "strange" formula doesn't risk to ruin my savings as it happens in a serious game-developing house.
    About Mysticism... it's in man's nature to be mystic.

    What do you think is more implausible?
    A madness made by humans like a war? A world grown up by mysticism? Or a travel made by a ten-years old boy who saves the world by fighting with "animals"?
    You will find yourself into that, you won't be the "hero".

    Garnet's story it's quite different than an original pokémon game, because of its contents, there will be a moral at the end, a lot of psichology, like a Final fantasy/ Rpg game...
    No heroes, no truly imprlausible things.

    Hope you've understood the difference between a "Pokémon game" and "Garnet".
    Maybe it'll be a total failure (XD), but it's exactly what i believe to do :3

    About the grammar, anyway, we need some grammar checkers
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