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Originally Posted by Pink Parka Girl View Post

As seen here, I've started the task of updating the little battle platforms, for lack of a better term, to the DPPt graphics (I could hack the backgrounds too, but I think that is something that I will wait a while to do, if I do it at all ^^' ). Also, our player Pichu finally appears as a Pichu from the back at the battle's start - believe it or not, that's something I only changed yesterday! XD
I like the new battle platform thingies. They seem more chaotic than the ones in the original games, which works well.

Originally Posted by Pink Parka Girl View Post

When you or a team mate are summoned into battle, you no longer appear from a Pokeball - there's just a slight pause, and then you poof into the scene. ^^' Incidentally, I do want to replace that "Go! Your Name Here!" text with something else, but given the lack of space at that offset, I think the only thing I could change it to is have it simply display the name of whatever character is in front; or I could just erase it altogether. Does anyone have other suggestions?
Just having the name works. Or you could have it say "!" or something... or nothing. XD

Originally Posted by cadgod120 View Post
Flash-born? What is Flash-born?
It says in the first post:

"'Flash-born' - the descendants (lacking in sapience and filled with violence) of those Pokemon close to blast-range who managed to survive and reproduce"