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    wow *shudders* that was good. it was wierd though, i wanted to keep reading, up until staravia. part of me wanted to stop, but part of me wanted to keep reading. it was a total gorefest, but it was still good. I probably could have predicted that only one would survive, mainly because rotom only has 6 forms. but the end was the best. and even if monferno had tried to save Riolu, He could not have, due to the power that rotom controls.

    What was wierd about this, was that i thought rotom pretty much sucked. i didnt really think about how much destruction he could really cause. but now...*shudders* i will never look at him the same way again. (goes to breed an army of ROTOM's in every form.)

    But uh, that was pretty good. thanks for providing us with a horrifying story to thrill.

    And remember, stay away from the old chateau..........
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