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    First of all, I would like to introduce myself, I'm O.G. Duke or you can also call me OmegaGroudon. A PC member who just surf on the rom hacking section 4 years ago. Then I've started my rom hacking life but unfortunately, failed. Maybe it's too hard for me at that time.

    Then, I noticed Game Development section, I surf in it and found some interesting Pokemon fangame like Pokemon Protector and Pokemon R/S/E Legendz. I asked myself, "Why don't I try making my own Pokemon game?" I've searched a long the internet for tutorial on How to make this and that...

    But again, I failed. There are lots of starter kit liked Blizzy's starter kit and Flameguru's starter kit but they aren't complete. So I thought I won't be able to make a Pokemon fangame. I tried to make some RPG game using RMXP's default graphics and scripts. Cooperate with friends and finally completed my first game: “Curse of the World" (Yeah, a lame name. XD)

    I returned to Pokecommunity, and I found a thread called Pokemon Custom Battle System (If I'm not wrong.) Poccil is the thread starter. I downloaded it and try it, and I come out with a lot of complains. Due to my lack of scripting knowledge, I don't know the Custom Battle System is the calculation and the basic of Pokemon Battle System.

    Once, I remember I said something harsh to Flameguru that time. I complained a lot and acting rude to him. I'm so sorry about that. I would like to apologize to flameguru here again. Soon, the first version of Pokemon Essential is out. 2 years ago.

    I tried it and it worked, that’s the beginning of Pokemon Raptor...

    But why? Why "Raptor", Raptor is some kind of dinosaur name isn't it? XD
    To be honest, Raptor is my mistake. Actually I'm thinking of a name related to capture or catching.
    It should be "Captor" and not "Raptor".
    So yea, it was a mistaken.
    But since, I've getting more fans, and I decided to keep the name. A unique name. XD

    In my development, I've tried to give up several times. As you see, I dissappear for a long time without update. That's because I've lost interest on Pokemon Raptor. But finally, I get back onto it. I don't want to disappoint all the fans. And, Pokemon Raptor is nearly complete, so I shouldn't give up. So I decided to continue my project.

    Finally, Pokemon Raptor is out. I've done a really long, huge project. (At least for me.)
    And I'm happy of it. I'm happy of how it turn out.
    Thank you guys, Pokemon Raptor won't be finished without your support. Thanks so much!

    Pokemon Raptor -- Megaupload

    Pokemon Raptor -- 2share

    After my zipping, it took only 25mb.
    For those who don't have Pokemon font, here's a download.
    Download the font and install in your PC. Everything should work!

    Again, I would like to thank to those who gave me million of support! Thanks!!
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