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Alright thankfully a problem with the Alignment tool was brought to my attention.
The previous one was resized due to the uploading sites limits, so I've put it in a .rar this time around. This should fix the problem of it not being properly sized with the Tileset.

Now everyone. Don't start getting on me whether you like the Idea or not, but I've created a simple Alignment tool for newcomers to Game design. This tool is made for ppl who have a tough time with tile alignment.

Yes it's a simple Idea and in order to use It I've provided a link to a program I use to align the tiles with.

To use the tile alignment tool simply drag and drop your tileset into, click image--->Resize and if you're using RMXP you'll have a width of 256(I'm not sure about other programs...In order for this tool to work you must set the width of the tileset to 128 so just type that into the width box and push OK. Also as an added not. If the Resize option says this Resampling : Best Quality. Please change it to nearest neighbor.

After you've done all that take the image I've provided, save it to your desktop, then drag and drop it onto the image of your tileset. You should then get a pop up info screen like so.

Push Add into Layer and this is your next image.


That red marker just indicates how far you can go until you hit another tile DO NOT EXCEED THAT Marker unless you have no tiles underneath the one you're placing...It'll be white for you all. I hope you all find this useful and good luck.