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    This topic is for Explorers of the Sky:

    So, I have the official guide book. In it, it has a rating system on the ease of recruiting pokemon. Each pokemon is given a number 0-5 (or x if it is not recruitable), with 5 being the easiest.

    For the pokemon with the number 0, the guide book says that certain conditions must be met before you are able to recruit them. Now, this makes sense for legendaries and a few others. However, pokemon like Primape, Hitmonchan, Espeon, etc. also have a rating of 0.

    Thus, I wonder if anyone knows what conditions must be met to recruit such non-legendaries. Is there a special condition? Or be post-graduation plus a high enough leader recruit rate? Better yet, has anyone actually managed to recruit such pokemon?

    I do suppose my question is geared towards those who have the guide book as well, but speculations are fine as well.

    (While I think this has the makings to be a long discussion, perhaps it will not. So, here my question now resides.)