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    Hi everyone!

    Only been able to do a bit of work on the game this weekend due to various things but next week I should be able to make lots more progress!

    RE: the past couple of comments...thank you for your support, adn I'm still deciding whether to have a big Christmas reveal or not. It will all depend on how much work I get done between now and then! And masterpokemontrainer, I can confirm that Pikablu ISN'T evil!

    So I've been thinking about PokéTown and some of the buildings in it, and ahve started to design the restaurant (which has turned out to be a diner!). Which of the three versions below do people prefer?

    Just to note, I;m not really a spriter, so don't expect miracles. If anyone would be willing to be a scratch spriter for this game (as I have thought up quite a few things that I'll need) then please post an example of some of your work.

    Until next time!

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