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    Pokemon Thieves

    The game is going to be made using RPG Maker XP.
    This game is being made by me, Wind Gale. I got inspired after watcing Micklo's video for Pokemon Lost and Found. I started playing the Mystery Dungeon Game trying to decide that I should do for the plot. I realized a Mystery Dungeon Starter Kit would be coming out soon and decided I would need to make this unique. Then I came up with this game.

    Character Selection- You get to choose your character from a game of chance. Your partner, you get to choose manually.

    Missions- There are many types of missions. Most of them are involved with the gang. An example would be that you need to retrieve a stolen item or rescue someone taken away. There will also be missions that you need to catch a gang member. That means you will need to fight and defeat them. There will also be missions that a rescue team normally does like find a lost item or help someone who has fainted.

    Trust and Respect Meter- There will be something called the trust and respect meter. The more a town or specific Pokemon trusts and respects you, the more features you get. Say you gain a stores trust and respect, you might get dicounts or a larger variety of items. Some areas you can not enter until you get enough trust.

    Towns- There is more than one town in this game. As you trevel througout the game and gain teams trust you will be able to access new places. Some towns have entirely different climates. Up north there is a twon covered in snow and there is a town that is a desert.

    Routes- The only way to get from town to town is by routes. Each route has different Pokemon controlled by a variable. At the maximum there could be 25 enemies for the average size route. Some areas are very large and could have 35 enemies. Luckily there are stores in the routes that can help. The largest amount of Pokemon in te largest route is 50. The amount of items is also controlled by a variable. On each map there will be a place to step on that will refresh all the enemies and items.

    A huge gang of thieves has arisen. They have been robbing many of the peaceful towns. You go out to play with one of your friends one day in the woods. You loose track of time and come back when it is past dark. You get back right after a crime has just happened. Everyone thinks you caused the crime. The evidence all leads toward you. Even your parents sadly think it was you. You are chased out of the town by the police who think you joined the gang. You become a fugitive and run far away. You meet a kind Pokemon who believes you and offers to help you. With his help you form a team against the gang and try to clear up your names.

    You and your friend are fugitives. It wasn't always like this. You and your friend were just playing in the woods one day. You came back right after a crime was committed by ??? [The gang]. All the evidence leads toward you doing the crime. Everyone chases you and your friend away. After travelling far away, you come to a single house. You are exhausted and ask to go inside. Luckily the owner of the house believes you did not do the crime. He says you should try to clear up your name by forming a team against them. He offers you to use his house as the base. You and your friend agree and start the new rescue team.
    You start out by training. The gang won't be easy to beat. Some of them are weak and petty thieves, but other are vicious pokemon. The three leaders have an unknown plan. The job of all rescue teams across the region is to try and find it out and stop it. If you have any chanvce of dion this to clear up your name you wl need to train and gain pokemon's and entire town's trust. You must also gain more members. Remember that there is no I team.

    You- You play a minigame to get your main character. It is a game of chance.

    Your Friend- Whoever you choose it to be. This pokemon helps you through the entire story.

    Absol- A detective you meet who is trying to stop the gang as well. He is stronger to the police and one of the few people who immediatly trust you.

    Walrein- This Pokemon is very kind and allows you to use his house as a base for your team. He is apparently well known. Since he trusts you, people in the first town you visit will trust you.

    Spheal- Spheal is Walrein's child. Spheal is the reason you even met Walrein. While Spheal was playing it noticed two passengers struggling down the path. Spheal decided to bring you to the house which started your adventure.

    Weavile- Weavile used to be Walriens partner. He was always fighting for justice, even though he had different ways of doing it. In one battle he mysteriously dissapeared and hasn't been seen since. Walrien refuses to start a new team since he is missing his partner, and best friend.

    To be updated...


    Venomoth and Venonat- Venemoth runs a store in ??? with it's child Venonat. They sell berries and other healing items that are completely natural.

    Mothim- Mothim is a berry salesperson too. The biggest difference is that he travels though all routes while Venonat and Venomoth stay in towns. He is the only store to travel though every part of the region including the icy areas up north. We now discovered how Mothim travelled alaround the region selling berries. He stays inside trees with golden leaves. We don't know how but the trees has a hollow area in it that maintains body heat. To find him all you do is walk in the tree.

    To be updated...

    There are many towns in this region. Each town has different stores and Pokemon in it. Here is a list of towns and there information. Since most of them have no name I only have one that I will share.

    Ice Crystal Village [Name a WIP]- This is the first town you ever go to. It is very small and many things are still being built. Luckily since you are friends with Walrein, the villagers will trust you easier. Some of the buildings that can be found when you first visit is Frosslass's Bank, Lapras's Clinic, Snover's Berry Shop, and the Rescue Team Office. The main attraction is the Rescue Team Office. The main priority of the recue teams is to stop the gang. That is why people come here.

    More info to come...

    To be updated...

    The Gang [I have not thought of a name for them yet]
    As you play throughout the game, more Pokemon will join this gang. I won't post alot of details yet but I will give a few Pokemon in the gang.

    Grimer- [Rank = Low] He is not very bright. He does as told and mainly listens Shellder. Even though he is not very smart, he does have some trength and causes you some problems in the beggining of the game.

    Shellder- [Rank = Low] Shellder is very smart. It joined the gang only for protection while Grime and it perfomed crimes. Shellder may not be srtong but is very clever and sneaky.

    To be updated...

    Like in the first Mystery Dungeon game, there is mail. It may be waiting in your mailbox, or it may be urgently delivered. Pelliper delivers the mail diretly to your mailbox. For urgent messages, you will have to wait and find out who delivers it. Here is the first piece of mail you get.

    Rescue Team News
    All rescue teams priorties are to try and stop the gang. Whether you try to catch outlaws or clean up thier meses, it is up to you. To find a list of Pokemon known in the gang come to the Rescue Team Federation Center.

    -Rescue Team Federation

    Similar to the normal Pokemon games [Not Mystery Dungeon], there will be a Berry Plant feature. When you plant a berry, you will get a tree or bush that has berries in it. You will usually get 2-3 beries if you wait the maximum amount of time. You can water them to speed them up. You can only plant a berry where there is soil.





    - Many towns, each with unique places

    - Team Recruitment

    - Trust and Respect Meter

    - Shiny Pokemon

    - Mail

    - More to come


    Made by Deelove



    SCV- Ripping HGSS Overworlds

    Wichu- Putting Overworlds in RMXP Format

    Kyledove, Saurave, rhevarhe_duh, ShinyLugia249, and POKEM4NlAC- Tileset [With Edits By Me]

    Rice Field, XRXS, Valcrist- Rice Field Battle System

    Ccoa- Universal Message System

    Creepy- Caterpillar Script

    Night_Runner- Fixing the battle system



    If you want to help, here are the postitions avaiable:

    Idealist [Not needed but appreciated]

    Mapper [Not needed but appreciated]

    Scripter [As many as possible]

    Tileset Editors[As many as possible]

    Faceset Creators [As many as possible]

    Icon Makers [As many as possible]
    Pokémon Thieves Returning Soon!
    Keep Your Eyes out for it in the Drawing Board!