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    Hi my name is Master_Ash and I would like to become a member if that is OK, Ive read the rules and PLEEEZ dont refer to me as a "newb" cuzz Ive been on SPPF for 9 months so Im used to pokemon forums! I have an Aerodactyl top train so Im willing to shiny hunt when Im training it! Have any of U guys caught a shiny meowth, because I need to EV train Aero in speed so I can search for a shiney one while EV training!

    I only have ONE single shiny and I am a little embarrased by it...Its a gray Slugma!!!

    *Says YEEEEE* *Jumps off a skyscraper* *pulls out a parachute out off backpack* *lands safely*

    Im am Master_Ash! The pokemon master!
    I was Crazy Cutie from SPPF! Hi all old SPP members if youre out there PM me OK?
    Feel free to PM me bout anything I LUUUUV to talk!

    Thankies to: Raikous Thunder from SPPF for the awsome banner! And Casey,a good friend from SPPF who bringed me to this forum!

    *Jumps into an airplane* *flies up* *jumps outta da plane* *says YAAAAAAAAAAY* *opens parachute!*
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