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Thanks for the banner! I now have two banners, both of which can be seen in the first post.

@mrhaxmaster: I have wanted this hack to be closely related with the official Pokemon games, so the way the map appears is no coincidence.

If it were a different map I was drawing, I might still draw it that way though =P

@Curt_09: I agree that Springate Town looks a lot like Pallet Town still, so I'm going to edit this more later on. However, compared to the first three generation's starting towns,

Pallet Town: Player's home, top left; Professor's lab, bottom right; body of water, middle of the bottom of map
New Bark Town: Player's home, top right; Professor's lab, top left; boddy of water, middle of right of map
Littleroot Town: Player's home, either top left or top right; Professor's lab, bottom left; body of water, none
Springate Town: Player's home, bottom left; Professor's lab, top right; body of water, bottom right corner of map

My town is differentiated by housing locations for the Professor and Player. The location of the body of water is a compromise between Pallet's and New Bark's locations (making for a reference to being in-between these two game's story lines).

I do agree that it needs to be edited, though. I might extend the beach further out, and probably add more trees.

Today I'm posting the maps of the second route, the first town with a gym, and the route directly east of it.

Bloomful City:

Currently named Route Two:

East of Bloomful, currently named Route Three:

It's a game where the fire starter isn't at a disadvantage for the first gym?! That's right!

The building on the far left in Bloomful is a greenhouse, the house on the second route is where the player obtains a Togepi egg, and the structure on the third route is a construction site. Perhaps it will be finished some time later in the game?

There are cut bushes in a few places along route two, including in front of the house on that route. There is also a cut bush between the small trees in Bloomful City, blocking off the way west. Another lies near the gap in the trees behind the greenhouse, leading to an item.
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